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So   we   need   your   current   email   address!   Check   to   see   if   we   already   have   your   email   address in   the   Past   &   Present   Sergeants’   Association’s   Membership   Database   by   entering   your   email address   in   the   box   display   on   the   right   and   click   the   ‘Submit’   button.   If   your   email   address   is not    in    our    database    please    complete    and    submit    the    P&P    Membership    Form    found    by following the link.    
The   Association   no   longer   communicates   with   it’s   members   by   post.   It   costs   over   £300   in postage   each   time   we   send   a   letter   to   the   P&P   members   who   do   not   have   an   email   address.   It also   takes   a   great   deal   of   resources   printing   the   letters,   stuffing   and   addressing   the   envelopes and   getting   them   into   the   postal   system.   The   Association   no   longer   has   the   staff   or   finances   to support this.
P&P  Membership  Form P&P  Membership  Form