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It   is   time   to   book   your   places   on   the   next   "Members   and   Partners   Dinner",   which   is   going   to   be   held   on   Saturday   10th   February   2018   at   7:00   pm for 8:00 pm in the Holiday Inn, Farnborough. To   make   the   booking   process   easier   you   can   now   follow   this   link   to   book   your   place   for   the   evening                                                   and   pay   by   Direct   Money   Transfer   via your   bank's   own   website.   If   you   wish   to   print   off   the   paper   Booking   Form   then   please   send   the   completed   form   to   me   at   the   address   shown   with your cheque for the appropriate amount. The   cost   for   the   evening   is   £35   per   person   for   the   meal,   wine   and   port.    At   this   point   I   must   thank   our   Treasurer,   Geoff   Acott,   for the   work   he   has   put   in   yet   again   to   acquire   a   very   generous   grant   from   The   RLC   Association   Trust   Fund   to   subsidise   our   function. Without   this   additional   money   from   the   Trust   the   cost   would   have   to   rise   to   around   £46   per   head.   So,   on   your   behalf   I   will   be   sending   a big "Thank You" note to the Chairman of The RLC Association Trust. Dress   is   lounge   suit   with   "Past   and   Present"   tie   and   appropriate   dress for ladies. If   you   require   accommodation   for   the   evening   then   there   are   rooms available   in   the   Holiday   Inn   Farnborough.   The   Premier   Inn   Aldershot   and Travelodge   Aldershot   are   further   away   but   the   prices   are   cheaper.   Check   out these websites to see what prices you can get for booking early. Please   make   your   booking   for   the   dinner   as   soon   as   you   can   as   this   will   help   the committee   in   the   planning   and   budgeting   for   the   event.   No   more   booking   will   be taken after Friday 27th January 2018.
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