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(Note:   Items   in   red   reflect   current   practice   and   differ   from   the   Association’s   Rules   as   published   in   the   Membership   Card   and   Rule   Book. These   changes   to   the   Association’s   rules   were   presented   at   the   Annual   General   Meeting   held   in   the   Aldershot   Garrison   Sergeants’   Mess on   26th   October   2013.   A   formal   proposal   was   submitted   that   the   Association’s   Rules   be   updated   and   amended   with   the   changes   shown here. The proposal was passed as agreed by a unanimous vote of all present at the meeting) 1) NAME OF THE ASSOCIATION The Association shall be called "The Army Catering Corps and Royal Logistic Corps Chefs (Past and Present) Sergeants' Association", and shall consist of an unlimited number of members. (Note:   The   word   “Caterers”   was   substituted   by   the   word   “Chefs”   in   the   Association’s   name   following   a   proposal   made   at   the   Annual General   Meeting   held   in   the   Union   Jack   Club   on   16th   April   2016.   The   formal   proposal   was   passed   as   agreed   by   a   unanimous   vote   of   all present at the meeting) 2) OBJECTS OF THE ASSOCIATION a) To establish a centre by which past and present Warrant Officers, Staff Sergeants and Sergeants may keep in touch with one another. b) To arrange for the members to dine together at least once each year, and to meet as may hereinafter be appropriate. c) To assist, wherever possible, both The Army Catering Corps Association and The Royal Logistic Corps Association in achieving their objectives. 3) QUALIFICATION OF MEMBERS a) Membership of the Association is restricted to:- i) Warrant Officers, Staff Sergeants and Sergeants of the catering function of The Royal Logistic Corps. ii) Past members of the Army Catering Corps or past members of The Women's Royal Army Corps employed in the catering function who attained the rank of Warrant Officer, Staff Sergeant or Sergeant. iii) Commissioned Officers, both serving and retired, who, during their service, attained the rank of Warrant Officer, Staff Sergeant or Sergeant in either the Army Catering Corps or the catering function of either the Royal Logistic Corps or The Women's Royal Army Corps are eligible for membership subject to the approval of the committee. iv) In-pensioners of The Royal Hospital Chelsea who served in the Army Catering Corps or within the catering function of the Royal Logistic Corps, irrespective of the rank they attained whilst serving. v) Warrant Officers, Staff Sergeants and Sergeants of The Catering Support Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps. vi) Past members of CVHQ Army Catering Corps who, during their service, attained the rank of Warrant Officer, Staff Sergeant or Sergeant. vii) Members of the catering function of The Royal Logistic Corps who hold the rank of Lance Sergeant owing to their service within the Household Division (pending vetting by the committee) b) Honorary membership i) Nominations for honorary membership are to be submitted to a vote at an AGM and approval is subject to the assent of ALL members present. 4) SUBSCRIPTIONS a) There is only one type of membership, life membership. The amount of subscription shall be decided by the committee. b) Applicants of 65 years of age or over will be granted membership free of subscription. 5) OFFICERS AND THEIR DUTIES a) The officers shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The tenure of office shall be for a period of two years. b) Prior to the Annual General Meeting the committee will select the Vice-President for the ensuing period of tenure. They will take into account the seniority, suitability and worthiness of the candidate. If the selected member does not wish to take office the committee is to invite the next most suitable member to take office. The selected Vice-President will then become President for the following period of tenure. c) The President and Vice-President for the ensuing period are to be notified to members in a notice concerning the annual general meeting. d) The Secretary will be selected by the committee and the appointment confirmed at each annual general meeting. He/she will remain in office during the pleasure of the committee. Subject to a vote at the annual general meeting he/she may be awarded an honorarium not exceeding an amount laid down in that financial year. e) The President shall act as Chair at all committee meetings and general meetings. He/she shall preside at the annual dinner and at other functions that may be arranged. He/she is to ensure that all the books of the Association are accurately and correctly maintained. In the absence of the President the Vice-President will act as Chair. In the case of absence of both the President and the Vice-President the Chair will be elected by those members present at the meeting. f) The Treasurer shall be responsible that all monies of the Association are deposited as hereinafter stated. g) The Secretary shall attend to all correspondence. Any communication requiring the consideration of the committee will be forwarded by him/her to the President whose instructions he/she will take as to summoning the committee. He/she will maintain the following :- Roll of members, their addresses and subscriptions, ledger and minute book. h) All officers retiring will be eligible for re-election. 6) COMMITTEE a) At the AGM held in the WOs’ and Sgts’ Mess of 40 Commando Regiment RM, Norton Manor Camp on Saturday 28th November 2009 there was a discussion on whether a formal committee was required in addition to those officers already appointed. It was decided that, in future, individuals would be co-opted to lead on specific events and therefore standing committee members were not required. A formal proposal was submitted and this was agreed by all present. B) Therefore the Committee consists of the President, Vice - President, Treasurer and Secretary. They are responsible for the day to day running of the Association and any other commitments specified in these rules. 7) DISPOSAL OF FUNDS All monies received on behalf of the Association shall be paid into a bank by the Treasurer. The bank to be a suitable bank as decided by the committee. No payments are to be made, other than for stationery and postage, unless for purposes sanctioned by the committee. All cheques made out by the Treasurer are to be countersigned by Treasurer are to be countersigned by a second “Life Member” of the Association. This nominated second member should be approved at the AGM as the second authorised signatory. 8) ACCOUNTS The accounts of the Association are to be closed as soon as possible after the 31 August each year and audited by a sub-committee of three members. The Secretary and the Treasurer are ineligible to act as members of this sub-committee. The accounts for the previous year will be brought forward for adoption at the annual general meeting. A copy of the accounts is to be forwarded to all members of the Association along with the minutes of the annual general meeting. 9) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING An annual general meeting will be held each year. The date, time and venue to be notified to all members at least 28 days before the event The Presidents and the Secretary's reports and the accounts for the previous year will be read and any other business dealt with. Any proposal to alter, amend or add rules should be forwarded to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting. 10) ASSOCIATION TIE There are three Association ties in existence. Firstly the Army Catering Corps Sergeants (Past and Present) Association tie which is navy blue in colour and features the ACC badge in the centre with a line of 3 bar chevrons running diagonally from left to right. (This tie is "out of stock" and is no longer available for purchase) The second tie features both the Army Catering Corps and the Royal Logistic Corps badges being divided by the line of 3 bar chevrons running from left to right. (This tie is "out of stock" and is no longer available for purchase) A third tie was introduced in November 2009 to mark the 25th Anniversary of the foundation of the Past and Present Association. This tie has alternating broad grey and dark blue bands running diagonally from right to left, each band is separated from the next with a thin yellow diagonal band. On top of this yellow band is an even thinner red band.  The colours grey, dark blue, yellow and red are the combined corps colours of the ACC (Grey and Yellow) and the RLC (Blue, Red and Yellow). This tie is available for purchase at £12.50 from the Secretary. 11) MEMBERSHIP CARD On joining the Association, a membership card and a printed copy of the Association’s Rules are to be issued to the new member. 12) CONDUCT Members who in the opinion of the committee do not conduct themselves, when attending Association functions or meetings in a manner befitting of a Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess shall be censored by the committee and any decision made by the committee shall be binding. 13–15 RESERVED
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