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The   Association   was   inaugurated   in   November   1985   in   the   Sgts   Mess   at   St   Omer   Barracks, Aldershot.   Our   worldwide   membership   is   currently   485   members,   many   of   whom   attend the annual dinner and other events organised in locations throughout the UK. The    membership    of    the    Past    &    Present    is    restricted    to    people    that    have    been    or    are Sergeants, Staff Sergeants or Warrant Officers in either; The Army Catering Corps or Chefs in The Royal Logistic Corps CVHQ ACC or 167 Catering Support Regiment RLC. In  a Cook/Chef trade while serving with the WRAC or Reserve Army In-pensioners   of   the   Royal   Hospital   Chelsea   who   served   in   the   Army   Catering Corps   and   Chefs   of   The   Royal   Logistic   Corps   and   WRAC,   irrespective   of   the   rank they attained whilst serving, are granted Honorary Membership The objects of the Past and Present Association are: To    establish    a    centre    by    which    past    and    present    Warrant    Officers,    Staff Sergeants and Sergeants may keep in touch with each other. To   arrange   for   the   membership   to   dine   together   at   least   once   a   year,   and   to meet as may hereinafter be appropriate. To   assist,   wherever   possible,   both   the   Army   Catering   Corps   Association   and   The Royal Logistic Corps Association in achieving their objectives. The   subscription   for   life   membership   is   £40.   Applicants   aged   65   years   or   older   will   be granted   membership   free   of   subscription.   Click   the   “Application   Form”   button   on   the   left   to see the Past & Presents’ Membership Application Form.
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